Detailed assessment of real estate values.

At Boutilier & Associates, our expertise lies in the detailed assessment of real estate values, focusing particularly on Market Value. Our licensed professionals use comprehensive analysis and three established approaches to value: Direct Comparison, Income, and Cost.

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Understanding Price vs. Value

Distinguishing Market Value from Price is vital. Market Value indicates the expected price in a fair and open market, while Price can be influenced by specific transactional factors. Our skilled appraisers ensure that each valuation accurately reflects the property's true Market Value, taking into account the transaction's unique aspects.

Approaches to Valuation

The Cost Approach

1. The Cost Approach

This method estimates the value of a property by adding the land value to the depreciated value of its improvements. It's based on the principle that buyers wouldn't pay more for a property than it would cost to build an equivalent. The approach is particularly effective for newer properties but can be less reliable for older ones that are clouded by the inherent difficulty in estimating accrued depreciation. It involves determining the replacement cost of the structure, subtracting depreciation, and adding the land value.

2. The Direct Comparison Approach

Often seen as the most informative, this approach involves comparing the property with similar properties that have recently sold in the area. Adjustments are made for dissimilarities between the comparables and the subject property. This method is highly reliant on the availability of comparable market data and is generally considered the most reliable approach, especially for residential properties.

Direct Comparison Approach
The Income Approach

3. The Income Approach

Predominantly used for commercial and investment properties, this approach values a property based on its income-generating potential. It involves estimating the expected income and expenses for the property and applying a capitalization rate to arrive at the current value. This approach reflects the behavior of market participants who are interested in the property's earning capacity.

Our Dedication

Each appraisal at Boutilier & Associates is a commitment to accuracy and diligence. We meticulously inspect properties and analyze market trends to ensure our valuations authentically represent market conditions. Trust our team to deliver appraisals that embody our core values of precision and integrity.

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