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At Boutilier & Associates, we revolutionize property appraisals with our advanced drone technology.

Drones offer several advantages in the field of real estate appraisals, particularly in a region like Nova Scotia, known for its diverse landscapes, coastal areas, and large rural, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Here are some key benefits:

Selective Use of Advanced Aerial Imaging

At Boutilier & Associates, we understand that each property is unique. While not every appraisal requires drone imagery, its use in capturing high-resolution aerial photos and videos can be invaluable for properties with extensive land, unique geographical features, or hard-to-access areas, providing a comprehensive aerial view that traditional methods do not capture.

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Efficient Property Surveys Where It Matters Most

We employ drone technology strategically, recognizing its effectiveness in reducing time and costs for specific types of property inspections. Especially beneficial for large or rural properties, our drones offer a smart, cost-effective solution for situations where traditional survey methods are less feasible.

Complex Properties

Detailed Analysis for Complex Properties

Our drones are particularly useful in providing accurate and detailed analyses for properties with complex characteristics. While not necessary for every appraisal, they excel in assessing topography, boundary lines, and environmental impacts of properties with intricate details, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

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Targeted Rapid Assessment and Compliance Verification

For properties affected by natural events or where compliance verification is crucial, our drone technology is a resourceful tool. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution but is extremely effective in rapidly assessing damages or ensuring zoning compliance, particularly in challenging situations.

Targeted Rapid Assessment

Enhancing Marketing for Select Properties

We leverage our drone capabilities to enhance the marketing of properties when it adds significant value. This innovative tool is particularly beneficial for properties with distinct features or large areas, providing our clients with an engaging perspective that might otherwise be missed.


Being based in Toronto, I was fortunate to use Boutilier & Associates for an appraisal in NS. Susan, Kim, and Joe were incredibly professional, efficient, and had my best interest in mind. Highly recommended!

Amit M.

Joe knows what he is talking about. I have used him repeatedly over the years and his appraisals are fair and accurate. He may be my competitor, but I have no problem referring him to my family and friends. David.

David D.

Great experience with Joe, professional, timely, and courteous. Would recommend them again, Thanks team!

Bradley M.

Just a great experience with Boutilier & Associates. They are professional, helpful, friendly, and prompt in their service delivery, truly making the entire process a seamless and enjoyable one.

Martin K.

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